You’ve been looking for your new home for months. You’ve been saving your money, making sacrifices, going through the loan process, compromising with family members. You’ve been following the advice of your mortgage officer, your real estate agent, everyone seems to haveĀ an opinion, and now you’ve finally found the place that you want to call home!

With ending the first round of decisions that needed to be made comes very quickly, an entire new round of decisions. You’ve done your research, and you know what you can afford. You already have a list of ways that you want to make this house your home. This is the point where many people become anxious. Questions will race through your mind. Is this roof going to need to be replaced soon? Will the heat come on the first time I turn it on next winter?

The home inspector is in your corner. Our main goal is to present to you an unbiased look at what is safe for you and your family, what maintenance is required, and ultimately how much this is going to cost. We will provide an in depth view of all systems in your home and report on the condition and functionality of it. We can potentially save thousands of dollars, or our information can cause a buyer to walk away from a money pit. Leave it in our hands and breathe easier, sleep better, and relax knowing that you’re making a good decision.